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Helix Max: Tipping is not optional

Posted: 9/5/2019

With the launch of our new Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive, there is going to be a learning curve with reference to mixing tips.  The tips you used before will not work with Helix Max.  Each low-rise foam manufacturer designs their mixing tips to create the desired 1:1 ratio based on the properties of their product.  The wrong tip may not create the needed one-to-one mixture ratio and/or may cause premature expansion, blocking the tip. 

How will you know if it is the right trip?  Photo 1 shows the tips used with our old Helix Low-Rise Foam Adhesive.  The tip on the left was used with our pressurized tanks and the tip on the right was used with our dual cartridges.  Photo 2 are the tips to be used with our Helix Max.  The tip on the left is for use with our Helix Max pressurized tanks and the tip on the left is to be used with our Dual Cartridges.

Dual Pressurized Tanks

At first glance the tips used for our pressurized tanks look nearly identical, but in Photo 3 you can see the differences.  Old Helix tip is on the left and new Helix Max tip is on the right.   Here are the differences and why they are important:

  • The Helix Max tip has a “gasket” that fits around the jets located on the dispensing gun. This gasket improves flow from the gun into the tips and reduces leakage at the tip connection on the gun.
  • The new Helix Max tip is actually blue in color. The blue tip will change to clear if the adhesive passing through the tip is the proper temperature. The tip will turn a darker blue if the adhesive is too cold and will continue to darken the colder it gets.

Dual Cartridges

Photo 4 shows the tips used with our dual cartridges.  The tip on the left was used for our Helix and the tip on the right is used with our new Helix Max.  The difference in the dual cartridge tips is much easier to distinguish.  The old Helix tip is square compared to the round Helix Max tip. 

  • Although it appears shorter, the square Helix tip actually has a longer path in which the adhesive must travel before exiting the end. Consequently, our Helix Max adhesive will begin to expand inside of the square tip before it reaches the end.

Things to Remember

It’s important that you understand the differences between the old Helix tips and the new Helix Max tips.  When purchasing additional tips from ABC Supply, be sure you get the right ones.  Here are some quick pointers to tell the difference:

Helix Max Dual Pressurized Tanks – Use the tips that are blue and have a “gasket” that fits over the jets at the end of the dispensing gun.

Helix Max Dual Cartridges – Use the round tip, not the square one.


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