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To and Fro: Travels of an Old Roofer - The Reveal Party

Posted: 7/8/2019

Welcome back and thank you for playing our little game. As promised, here are the answers to our questions.

Find the following:

1-Ponding water   2-An electrical hazard   3-Bubbled uncured flashing   

4-An empty pitch pan 5-Bridging at base flashings   6-Improperly flashed pipe

Game # 2 - What's wrong with this?

Answer:  Where’s the roof drain?  I seriously questioned whether this was flashed correctly.  This particular area appears to have been repaired at some time.  I guess installing a proper drain was not in the scope of work.

Finally, our last game, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Here’s your subject for the Million Dollar question: Flashings

How much larger should a pitch pan be than the projection being flashed?

Answer: Certainly not that large! If you are going to use a big pitch pan for a little wire, at least try to get it in the middle of the pan.

Thank you and stay tuned for another To and Fro, Traveling with an Old Roofer.

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