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Use of acrylic coatings on BUR systems

Posted: 4/27/2020

Can acrylic coatings be applied over BUR systems?

Yes. Acrylic coating systems are a highly effective and cost-efficient way to restore and extend the lives of asphaltic built-up roofing (BUR) systems. To prevent asphalt bleed-through and ensure a well-bonded surface for the finish coat, however, A-300 Base must be applied to the substrate before the finish coats are applied.

Following are the basic steps in applying an acrylic coating system to an asphaltic BUR system. More detailed specification information can be found here.

Step 1: Power-wash the surface with 115 Cleaner.

Step 2: Apply stain-blocking A-300 Base.

Step 3: Encapsulate penetrations with A-200 Flashing.

Step 4: Apply one or more coats of A-300 Finish top coat to achieve the desired mil thickness.


A-300 Base

A-300 Base delivers exceptional durability, flexibility and resistance to the elements. A high degree of rubber-like elasticity allows it to remain flexible in low-temperature environments, accommodate wide swings in temperature, and withstand significant building movement from settling and seismic action without cracking or blistering. Superior resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light enables it to provide long-lasting performance in even the sunniest locations.

A-300 Base can be applied with a brush, roller or airless spray rig. It is tinted gray to make it easy for application crews to distinguish between base- and top-coated areas.

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