102 Fibrated Roof Coating

102 Fibrated Roof Coating

102 Fibrated Roof Coating

A durable, fiber-reinforced asphalt roof coating that forms a weather resistant film with excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

  • Protects smooth-surfaced and granulated built-up roofs, modified bitumen (APP and SBS) membranes, and roll roofing membranes
  • Performs well as an adhesive for mineral granules
  • Suitable for use as an adhesive for organic roll roofing membranes

  • ModBit
  • M&R

Features & Benefits

  • More flexible than hot asphalt in cold temperatures
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than hot asphalt
  • Faster and easier to apply than hot asphalt
  • Meets  Miami-Dade-County Standards



Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
16MH1025 MH 102 FIBRATED ROOF COATING 5 GAL Metal Pail 1 45 2 to 3 gallons per 100 sq. ft.
16MH10250 MH 102 FIBRATED ROOF COATING 50 GAL Drum 1 449


Application Example Image
Application Example Image


The difference between the two products is that the Mule-Hide #102 contains fibers which provide a slightly thicker, heavier bodied flow and feel when applying the product. Both products perform nearly identical to each other, the only difference being how thick or thin the product feels from an application stand point. A common application for Mule-Hide #102 and/or #111 is to apply the product as a restoration coating over an existing asphaltic or bituminous roofing system, and then broadcast roofing granules into the coating to provide an additional layer of performance and weather-resistance to the roofing system.
Approximately 2 to 3 gallons per 100 sq. ft., depending upon job specifications. Approximately 4 gallons per 100 sq. ft. when used to adhere granules. (All values are approximate and may vary with ambient temperature and job conditions.) Stir the coating to uniform consistency before using. Avoid heavy mounds of mass accumulation.
#102 Fibrated Roof Coating can be applied using a heavy-duty paint roller, a squeegee, or a stiff bristle brush.
#102 Fibrated Roof Coating dries in approximately 48 hours in warm, dry weather.
No. DO NOT use #102 Fibrated Roof Coating on PVC, TPO, EPDM or other single-ply membranes.
With proper storage, the shelf life of Mule-Hide #102 Fibrated Roof Coating is 24 months from the date of manufacture.
#102 Fibrated Roof Coating should be stored at a temperature of at least 45°F but not above 120°F. It should be stored at room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to use.
#102 Fibrated Roof Coating should only be applied when the ambient temperature is at least 45°F and rising. Cold weather can result in uneven application and improper curing, and it will cause the product to stiffen, making application more difficult. Application is not recommended if the substrate temperature is above 140°F.

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