421 Mod Bit Flashing Adhesive - Trowel Grade

421 Mod Bit Flashing Adhesive - Trowel Grade

421 Mod Bit Flashing Adhesive - Trowel Grade

A high quality formulation for use as a cold-applied bonding agent for SBS modified bitumen roof systems. Heavy, “trowel-grade” consistency makes this product ideal for flashing details, attachment of membrane to steep slopes and parapet walls and a variety of waterproofing repairs, especially at moving joints where its flexibility and elasticity make it superior to standard plastic cements. In addition, the formulation is non-destructive to asphalt based roofing membranes.

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Features & Benefits

  • High flexibility to accommodate temperature-related expansion and contraction of the roof system
  • Great bonding strength
  • Provides exceptional weathering characteristics over a wide range of challenging temperatures and weather conditions
  • Will not mudcrack and remains highly flexible, resilient and durable through all seasons
  • Eliminates need for kettles and torches
  • Interlocking fiber matrix assures uniform, excellent adhesion
  • Excellent flow resistance when used on vertical slopes at high temperature
  • Non-destructive to conventional asphalt based roofing membranes
  • 100% recycled cellulose fibers
  • DO NOT USE with PVC, TPO, EPDM or other single-ply membranes
  • DO NOT USE over or under expanded polystyrene insulation
  • DO NOT USE under any APP product with a burn-off film
  • DO NOT USE with organic saturated felts
  • Do not store at temperatures below 45°F or in excess of 120°F
  • Meets  Miami-Dade-County Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
16MH4213 MH 421 MOD BIT ADHESIVE-TROWEL 3 GAL Metal Pail 1 27 8 gallons per 100 sq. ft. for 1/8"
16MH4215 MH 421 MOD BIT ADHESIVE-TROWEL 5 GAL Metal Pail 1 46 8 gallons per 100 sq. ft. for 1/8"