F5 Air & Vapor Barrier

F5 Air & Vapor Barrier

F5 Air & Vapor Barrier

A 40-Mil composite consisting of 35-Mils of self-adhering rubberized asphalt laminated to a 5-Mil woven polypropylene film. A siliconized one-piece release liner prevents the material from bonding to itself in the roll and is easily removed for installation. F5 Air & Vapor Barrier is available in a 325 sq. ft. roll with dimensions of 39"x 100'. The factory-controlled thickness of the membrane ensures uniform barrier properties, and the woven polypropylene film increases strength and has a non-skid surface suitable for the bonding of subsequent layers.

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • ModBit

Features & Benefits

  • Factory-controlled thickness ensures uniform barrier properties
  • Compatible with a variety of membranes and substrate
  • Non-skid surface provides extra safety on the jobsite
  • Can be used as a temporary roof for up to 120 day
  • Easily removable release line
  • A 40 Mil composite consisting of 35 Mils of self-adhering rubberized asphalt laminated to a 5 Mil woven Polypropylene film
  • Helix Low-Rise adhesive is used to attach insulation to F5 Air & Vapor Barrier
  • Meets  ICC-ES Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
09MHF5AVB1 MH 39"X100' F5 AIR AND VAPOR BARRIER Box 1 63 325 sq.ft.