PVC Pipe Seals

PVC Pipe Seals

PVC Pipe Seals

An injection molded, pre-formed flashing for single pipe penetrations made of Mule-Hide non-reinforced PVC material. Designed to add ease to the installation process while offering increased watertight security and improved aesthetics.

  • PVC
  • M&R

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-formed flashing
  • KEE formulation
  • One pipe seal will fit pipe diameters of 3/4" to 8"
  • Banding clamp included
  • Must be installed with Universal Single-ply Sealant and Water Cut-Off
  • Available in white, gray and tan
  • Can only be installed by sliding over pipe
  • Meets  ICC-ES Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
08MHPP348G MH PVC 3/4"-8" PIPE SEALS GRAY 8/CTN Box 8 8
08MHPP348T MH PVC 3/4"-8" PIPE SEALS TAN 8/CTN Box 8 8
08MHPP348W MH PVC 3/4"-8" PIPE SEALS WHITE 8/CTN Box 8 8