SEBS Roof Coating

SEBS Roof Coating


SEBS Roof Coating

Is an elastomeric solvent-based coating intended for the repair and restoration of metal roofs. Use on barns, warehouses, metal trailers and shipping containers. Ultra-low moisture permeability prevents corrosion while high elasticity allows conformation to building movement. Available in standard white only.

as of 6/12/2023.


Features & Benefits

  • Only available in white
  • Apply with spray, roller or brush
  • Solvent base drying time can be affected by temperature or humidity
  • Can re-coat in 4-6 hours
  • Up to 15 year system warranty available on metal only
  • Meets  UL Standards
  • Meets  Miami-Dade-County Standards
  • Meets  Florida-Building Standards
  • Meets  CRRC Standards
  • Meets  CA-Title-24 Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
16MHSER55W MH SEBS ROOF CTG WHITE 55 GAL Drum 1 484 2.5 to 3 gallons per square applied in 2 coats
16MHSER5W MH SEBS ROOF COATING WHT 5 GAL Metal Pail 1 44 2.5 to 3 gallons per square applied in 2 coats




Application Example Image


Yes, due to solvents this product has a strong odor.
SEBS Roof Coating is not recommended over existing EAC, PVC and EPDM to where SEBS+ can be used over multiple substrates. SEBS+ flashes off faster while preventing and guarding against bleed through and rust. SEBS+ is available in colors other than white. SEBS+ does not use SEBS Base Coat.
SEBS Base Coat – Base Gray SEBS+ Roof Coating – White, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Clay, Sandstone, Medium Bronze, Royal Brown & Bronze. SEBS 1 – Terpolymer Sealant: White, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Clay, Sandstone, Wicker/Tan, Medium Bronze, Musket Brown, Royal Brown, Bronze & Aluminum.
Both roof coatings may be sprayed or roller applied. If sprayed, please reference the Mule-Hide Product Data Sheets for recommended equipment.
SEBS Roof Coating may be applied to COR-TEN® or other weathered steel containers. If applying indoors, appropriate ventilation is required. However, if rust is present, SEBS Primer is required.
SEBS Roof Coating is currently acceptable across the US with the exception of Southern California.

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