TPO Cut Edge Sealant

TPO Cut Edge Sealant

TPO Cut Edge Sealant

A thermoplastic compound designed for use at the edge of cut Mule-Hide TPO membrane seams after the membrane has been welded to itself or to Mule-Hide TPO Coated Metal.

  • TPO
  • M&R

Features & Benefits

  • Clear in color
  • Shipped in plastic resealable bottle for a no mess application
  • Essential for every TPO project
  • This product is not California or Utah compliant
  • Meets  ICC-ES Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
08MHTCESCE MH TPO CUT EDGE SEALANT CLR 8 PINT/CTN Plastic Bottle 8 8 250 -275 Ln.ft. with 1/8” bead
08MHTCELVE MH TPO CUT EDGE SEAL LOW VOC 16OZ 12/CTN Plastic Bottle 12 9 250 -275 Ln.ft. with 1/8” bead

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